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Self Operated Services

Some of our customers choose to self operate.  With this option we train your dedicated staff member on site during installation on how to efficiently load the equipment and clean to a professional standard. 


We stock everything you will need in your new vending machine.  Delivery is free and direct to you and you can enjoy competitive wholesale pricing.

Smart Vending Solutions

We can offer a wide range of smart vending machines from cashless and contactless vending through to large promotional media screens. Get in touch with us to discuss how smart vending solutions can increase sales and work productivity.


Featured products

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Air touch technology

The mechanical push-button or touch-screen panels on vending machines, are now being replaced by new technologies that work remotely, such as the Air Touch technology featured in Azkoyen Group machines. Thanks to this, the user can select the product they want at a safe distance of up to two centimetres from the surface of the selection panel.

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