VISTA L MASTER, automatic spiral refrigerated 3° C vending machine for the sale of snacks, confectionary, sandwiches, yogurts and other fresh perishable foodstuffs, cans and bottles. Available in different versions to fit all needs.

Merchant 4 & 6

The Merchant 4 and 6 Snack Vending Machines are available in snack and confectionary or snack, confectionary and cold drinks configuration along with the option to vend food items such as sandwiches and microwavable products.


Tango offers a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionary, cans or bottles – or a combination of all four.

Shopper 2

The Shopper 2 accommodates over 136 items and is ideal for a “snack” short term service. It has rotating shelves for burgers, salads, snacks, sandwiches, yoghurts, fresh fruit and chilled drinks.

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