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Coffee Beans


Modern & Hygienic


Equipped with a spacious 21” full capacity touchscreen, complete with ADA compliance mode, it actively engages users, offering an extensive menu of fresh brew coffee beverages. Not only does it provide a broad array of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks to choose from, but it also empowers operators to increase drink prices, ensuring a higher return on investment.

COTI's customizable options, including the "Save my Drink" feature to encourage return users, make it a standout choice for those seeking to provide a premium coffee experience. Furthermore, it significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Its flexible user interface enables operators to customise drink menus, drink names, and screen content and images. Plus, it can seamlessly integrate with other Crane Machines, offering a fully customisable and streamlined food and beverage portfolio experience.

1830mm (h) x 700mm (w) x 790mm (d)

Crane (CPI)


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