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Micro Market Graddons

Micro Markets

The complete self-serve workplace catering solution. Take away the headache of workplace dining with this self-serve cashless dining facility, tailored to your workspace. Easy to manage and hassle free.

Self Service
To Your Space

Delicious, nutritious & great value. Give your staff and visitors a healthy start to the day and keep them fed & refreshed throughout the day. Offer an extensive range of food & beverages, then change your menu as little or as often as you want.

All Day Menu
Graddons Micro Market

A restaurant, cafe and coffee shop - all rolled into one!  Use a Micro Market for meetings, as a workspace, lunchroom, public catering, and more. Scale the design to your needs and choose from either modular or bespoke designs. 

Multi Purpose
Graddons Micro Market

We support you through the concept, design and installation, through to your opening day. Enjoy real-time stock management. Micro Markets provide much more than a vending solution, plus there’s no need to employ catering staff.

Easy To Manage
Graddons Micro Market

Aside from taking away the headache of catering, Micro Markets promote productivity and help your staff & visitors with busy schedules get easy access to a delicious meal at any time.

Extra Benefits

Graddon Vending Unmanned Vending
Graddon Vending Unmanned Vending

Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation. After you've given us the green light and some initial information about the space you'd like us to transform, we'll get to work.

We'll create your tailored Micro Market concept and design, then get to work on building your new space. We supply all tables & chairs, machines and shelves, while you sit back and watch your Micro Market come to life.

How It Works

Graddon Vending Catering Solution
Voucher Code

Set up meal deals, product discounts and special offers. Use your codes to grow your company’s social media presence by offering codes.

Graddon Vending Catering Solution
Guest Passes

Readily available passes for guests to come into the building and use within the market. These passes work just like gift cards.

Micro Markets
Employee Perks

Give out vouchers to high performing employees. They scan these vouchers at the kiosk to top up their account with an allocated amount.

Micro Markets

Set point values for products with a set redeemable value. As users purchase products they receive points to redeem later on.

Loyalty Reward Schemes

Incentive Programmes

We're here to help you every step of the way. Click the button below to get in touch with our sales team.

Ready To Get Started?

Mondelez Micro Markets
Micro Markets
Graddon Vending Solution
Graddon Vending Solution
Micro Market
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