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Evoca Necta Twist

Merchant Media Touch

Reliability & Versatility

Experience the perfect blend of reliability and versatility with the Merchant Media Touch vending machine. Setting itself apart, the Merchant's larger models can offer an impressive 50% more choice than competing snack and combination vending machines, ensuring a diverse range of options for every preference.

Not only is the Merchant Media Touch a pioneer in variety, but it also boasts energy efficiency, aligning with modern sustainability standards. With 78% of its components recyclable, this machine is designed with both the consumer and the environment in mind.

Elevate your vending experience with the Merchant Media Touch, where cutting-edge technology meets sustainability, providing a winning combination for any location.

Merchant 4: 1829mm (h) x 838mm (w) x 956mm (d)

Merchant 6: 1829mm (h) x 1118mm (w) x 956mm (d)


Merchant Media Touch

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