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Coffee Beans

Vitro X4 Espresso or Duo

Freshly made hot beverages with high-capacity canisters

Vitro X4 Espresso or Duo

Available as either 'Espresso' or 'Duo'.

The optional Media Screen, equipped with WIFI technology, not only catches customers' attention but also enhances the end user's experience. Its extended canisters provide the Vitro X4 Duo with a product capacity similar to that of a free-standing machine. 

Meanwhile, the Vitro X4 Espresso includes an enhanced experience compared to the Vitro X3 Espresso, featuring a genuine espresso-based coffee menu, Free Standing machine capacity, and the option to add an eye-catching Media Screen.

930mm (h) x 420mm (w) x 550mm (d)


Vitro X4 Espresso or Duo

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