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Ocean Water

Aquapoint 60/60B

Style & Easy-Maintenance

Aquapoint 60/60B

The Aquapoint 60 or 60B offers a reliable and convenient water cooling solution, perfect for your hydration needs. Available in both non-scratch cream and anthracite, these floor-standing models blend seamlessly into any environment. What sets this cooler apart is its simple and effective design. Dispensing ambient and cold water through manual taps, it prioritizes functionality and ease of maintenance. 

By eliminating the need for PCBs (printed circuit boards) or solenoids, the Aquapoint 60/60B minimizes complexity, making it a breeze to keep your water source clean and in optimal condition. 

With its modern and stylish appearance, it's not just a practical addition but also a visually pleasing one. Stay refreshed with the Aquapoint 60/60B, a solution that combines form and function for your water-cooling needs.

Bottled FS: 1032mm (h) x 326mm (w) x 353mm (d)

Point of Use FS: 1032mm (h) x 326mm (w) x 353mm (d)

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Aquapoint 60/60B

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