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Ocean Water

ArcticStar 55

Versatile Temperature Choices

ArcticStar 55

This water cooler offers a range of temperature options. You can enjoy ambient and chilled water, and with the hot water booster, you can raise the hot water temperature to a maximum of 95°C for approximately 1.5 liters. Even without boosting, the unheated water can reach temperatures of up to 90°C.

What sets the ArcticStar 55 apart is its commitment to energy efficiency. The hot and cold cooler features an ECO light sensor, allowing it to save up to 33% in electricity consumption. This eco-conscious feature not only benefits the environment but also your utility bills.

Furthermore, the cooler is designed for easy servicing and longevity. It features manual "tamper-proof" push-down taps, ensuring durability and reducing the risk of tampering. With a lack of electronics, you can count on this cooler to provide reliable service for years to come.

With its modern design, sturdy construction, and energy-efficient features, the ArcticStar 55 water cooler offers both style and practicality for your hydration needs. Stay refreshed while reducing your environmental footprint with this versatile and eco-friendly solution.

Bottled FS: 1160mm (h) x 340mm (w) x 350mm (d)

Bottled TT: 480mm (h) x 340mm (w) x 350mm (d)

Point of Use FS: 1140mm (h) x 340mm (w) x 350mm (d)

Point of Use TT: 460mm (h) x 340mm (w) x 350mm (d)

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ArcticStar 55

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