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Ocean Water


Hygienic & Child-Friendly


The B3 Water Dispenser is not just a source of refreshment; it's designed for convenience and safety. Built at an ideal height suitable for both adults and children, the B3 features a hygienic touch-sensitive control panel, setting new standards for water dispenser hygiene. With no buttons to harbor germs and contaminants, this console ensures ultra-hygienic operation.

In its class, the B3 boasts the largest dispense area, making it perfect for accommodating sports bottles and jugs, thereby promoting eco-friendliness by reducing the need for disposable cups. The B3 provides chilled, ambient, and instant hot water, making it the top choice for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and those who prioritise cleanliness and convenience.

1065mm (h) x 325mm (w) x 380mm (d)

Borg & Overström


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