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Ocean Water

Extra I-Tap

Stylish & Minimalistic

Extra I-Tap

Extra I-Tap offers a refreshing array of water types, with options that include unchilled still, chilled still, semi-sparkling, and sparkling. Whatever your thirst or taste, Extra I-Tap satisfies them all.

You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effective safeguards. Our system incorporates the powerful BRITA ThermalGate™ heat disinfection and a leakage detection system as standard features. These safeguards ensure the purity and safety of your water, day in and day out.

For those who prioritize the highest level of hygiene, we offer the optional HygienePlus system. Proven in stringent environments, including manufacturing and medical settings, this system provides exceptional cleanliness and safety.

Short Tap: 385mm (h) x 132mm (w) x 216mm (d)

Tall Tap: 453mm (h) x 132mm (w) x 216mm (d)

Undercounter Appliances: 490mm (h) x 272mm (w) x 473mm (d)


Extra I-Tap

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