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Ocean Water

Top Pro

Versatility Meets Reliability

Top Pro

Top Pro offers the convenience of unlimited water dispensing, covering an impressive range of options, from unchilled still to chilled still, semi-sparkling, and sparkling. For those who prioritise pure still water, the Top Pro still version dispenses unchilled and chilled still water, ensuring everyone's preferences are met.

Crafted with precision German engineering, Top Pro maintains constant hygiene, making it an ideal choice, particularly for healthcare settings, where hygiene is paramount. For over 20 years, the healthcare industry has trusted the reliability and cleanliness of our systems. The optional HygienePlus feature takes this commitment to hygiene even further.

As a sustainability champion, Top Pro uses the R290 natural refrigerant and boasts a carbon footprint that is 86% smaller than that of pre-bottled water. This eco-friendly approach aligns with modern environmental values.

530mm (h) x 278mm (w) x 518mm (d)


Top Pro

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