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KLIX Momentum

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KLIX Momentum

Your ally in catering to a busy, dynamic work environment. It presents a wide range of in-cup beverages, including tea, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, soups, and refreshing cold drinks. This adaptability ensures your workforce stays refreshed and engaged.

One of its standout features is in-cup technology. Ingredients come pre-sealed in each cup, and the machine simply adds water. This innovative approach streamlines the complex process of blending ingredients away from the machine. As a result, you get the purest, most flavorful drinks with every pour. 

Whether you need a hot pick-me-up or a refreshing cold beverage, KLIX Momentum has you covered. It's the ultimate solution for your workplace's instant beverage needs.

1830mm (h) x 630mm (w) x 710mm (d)


KLIX Momentum

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