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Evoca Necta Twist


On-the-Go Nutrition Hub

Experience nutrition anytime, anywhere with the cutting-edge Evolve Nutrition Station. This dispenser goes beyond the ordinary, offering a variety of powdered products and sports nutrition supplements, from protein and BCAAs to pre-workout blends and meal replacements.

The 12" media screen is a dynamic tool for selling advertising space, showcasing rolling videos, and promoting in-house offers. With four distinct drink options, the Evolve ensures contamination-free beverages, making it ideal for diet or vegan choices. The contactless payment system supports free-vend and most cashless payment methods.

Customisation is at your fingertips, with fully customizable graphics and a network of industry partners to meet your specific needs. Modern LED illumination around the dispense area attracts more customers, while the in-built cup sensor allows versatility in serving drinks in various-sized bottles.

Despite its powerful features, the Evolve boasts a small footprint of just 3.6 square feet, making it the perfect fit for any gym. Wipe-clean surfaces and easy-to-remove hygiene parts facilitate a quick and simple cleaning process.

Taking sustainability seriously, the Evolve promotes environmental responsibility by offering triple-filtered, chilled bottle refills, eliminating the need for single-use plastics. With extra hygiene parts supplied as standard, the Evolve is not just a nutrition station; it's a modern, versatile, and eco-conscious solution for your fitness hub.

1825 (h) x 500mm (w) x 670mm (d)



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