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Evoca Necta Twist


Cool, Compact, Customisable

Necta's latest dispenser, Swing, not only delivers enhanced performance and quality but also sets a new standard in the core segment of the Impulse market.

Designed to be reliable, high-capacity, and remarkably compact, Swing is a flexible powerhouse. It's comprehensively customizable, allowing you to tailor the product offer to your exact specifications. What sets Swing apart is its optimised and flexible internal configuration, enabling the management of various packaging sizes and products with ease.

Swing doesn't just stop at being cool; it's a market leader in energy efficiency, boasting a C class rating according to the new European Ecolabeling standards. It's not just a vending machine; it's a statement — a perfect blend of style, efficiency, and customisation.

1830mm (h) x 900mm (w) x 790mm (d)



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