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Ocean Water


Style Meets Functionality


The B5 Water Dispenser effortlessly marries high-end functionality with an ultra-modern design, creating a unique, sophisticated addition to any setting. This streamlined masterpiece is engineered for perfection, offering an elevated experience from HoReCa establishments to corporate headquarters.

The B5's design is not only visually captivating but also ergonomically sound, making interaction a breeze. Its illuminated dispense area adds a touch of style and user convenience.

This water dispenser boasts a shrouded faucet for enhanced hygiene and clean water dispensing. For those who prioritize an extra level of cleanliness, the optional Viovandt™ ultraviolet sterilising system is available to further enhance the machine's impeccable standards.

Elevate your water experience with the B5 Water Dispenser, where style and hygiene harmonise seamlessly.

1310mm (h) x 520mm (w) x 415mm (d)

Borg & Overström


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