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Fill Pro

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Fill Pro

Introducing Fill Pro, a high-cooling capacity water dispenser that brings the perfect blend of power and elegance to hotels, restaurants, offices, and events. This dispenser is designed to provide impeccable hydration service with efficiency and style.

Fill Pro offers a versatile selection of water types - unchilled & chilled still, sparkling, and semi-sparkling, ensuring there's a water option to suit every individual's preferences.

Installation is a breeze with Fill Pro. Whether you need a countertop solution or a freestanding brushed stainless steel unit, this dispenser fits seamlessly into your space without requiring extensive renovations. It's perfect for high-traffic areas like canteens, where providing stylish and enjoyable water service is essential.

To enhance efficiency, Fill Pro features TwinFilling, doubling service efficiency by filling two bottles or glasses simultaneously. This makes it the ideal choice for busy restaurants, bars, hotels, large offices, and events, ensuring that everyone can be served promptly.

The SmoothFinishing of Fill Pro is an elegant touch. It automatically fills bottles and glasses without any risk of overflow. Simply press the button, walk away, and return to collect perfect portions. Fill Pro is the embodiment of where power meets elegance, providing not just water but a refined experience.

Tap: 544mm (h) x 290mm (w) x 128mm (d)

Undercounter Appliance: 603mm (h) x 302mm (w) x 483mm (d)


Fill Pro

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